Grandmaster Paul Cervizzi

Soke Paul began his training in 1975 at the age of 12 years old. He carried his passion for Kempo Karate throughout high school and college and opened his first dojo in 1995 in Winthrop Mass at the age of 32. He opened 5 additional locations between 1995 and 2015. Soke Paul currently owns and operates three martial arts studios and assists with two affiliate locations.

He always had in his heart to provide personalized martial arts training to all students, regardless of ability and stage of life, to increase self-esteem, defend and protect, but ultimately to foster a positive belief system for all to achieve their goals and dreams.

Soke Paul was promoted to 10th Dan and bestowed the title of "Soke'' by the International 'Alliance' Sokeship Council in September 2011. Throughout his 48 years of Martial Arts, he was inducted in several Martial Arts Halls of Fame and Halls of Honor. Most recently, he was the recipient of The Golden Life Award at the AL Tracey’s Kenpo’s Historic Gathering of Eagles and Kenpo International Hall of Fame (2022) and was inducted into the Ultimate Warrior Hall of Fame by Sifu Al Dacascos & Shidoshi Ron Van Clief in 2022 and the Kenpo International Hall of Fame at Gathering of Eagles, Dallas, TX in 2017.

Soke Paul is a 1985 graduate of Boston College, a 1994 graduate of Massachusetts School of Law and is a licensed Attorney in the State and Federal Courts in Massachusetts. In 2018, Soke Paul retired as a Chief Probation Officer from the Massachusetts Probation Service to focus on martial arts full time.

When not teaching, Soke Paul finds pride in collaborating with other schools and assisting others in growing their individual business through Soke Business Solutions Inc. He also enjoys hosting regional Seminars, Award Celebrations, and Martial Arts Tournaments in the Boston area.

List of awards and recognitions: